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Star of the Month "Subztain"

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We found "Subztain" to be full of talent and they deserve appriciation for the music they have produced. We decided to have a interview with them and try to find out what's going on. So here is Infernal Scream 's Start of the Month "Subztain". 




1: Where does Subztain come from?

Subztain was brought to life in the late summer of 2011 when the band subtopia was forced to change name because of copyright reasons. Subztain is originating from the same town in Sweden as bands such as Europe, Candlemass and Heat. The name is Upplands väsby and is located a couple of kilometers outside the capital of Stockholm.

2: What kind of music do you play?
We play rock music. Not that hard pounding black, death, speed, growl metal but somewhere or somewhat close to it. The guitars are fat with explosive riffs and the vocals are very melodic. If we where to categorize our music it would be somewhere in between Alter Bridge and maybe Metallica or Nickelback. Our singer, Antz, likes to play with his voice so on the album Conflict Solution you can hear him sig that ballad wich makes your mother cry and on the same record hear him rap and somewhat growl. - Its fun to mix vocal techniques, saids Antz.


3: Any unusual instruments in the band?
Well no not on the album. Its a pretty classical band setting. 2 guitars, vocals, drums and bass. We use a little bit of samples on the album but no more then needed. We like to be able to preform our music live without relying on the samplings as a main part of  the song.

4: What is your highlight moment as a band?
It depends on what you mean. Live must surely be when we played in front of a couple of thousand people at some music fairs in Sweden and some festivals but i think that the thing that strikes me, Antz, the most is when we got our song, Pull The Trigger reviewed by STIM at the Stim music expo show. Our song was chosen out of 300 songs and the feedback also went on national Swedish TV. 

5: What holds the future?
As any other hard struggling band we really would like to make it in the industry so we can be rockstars haha. No but seriously, to play music full time is a dream come true for us and there is where we set our goal.

6: Can we listen to your music on the web?
Ooooooooh yes :) I don't know if you guys have Spotify but you can always log on to our website. www.subztain.com and listen to the music there. Otherwise here is where you can find us: